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Your friends and loved ones might spend more time around your kitchen island than any other spot in your home. Work with our kitchen design experts to create a custom kitchen island that is perfect for your space.

Von Tobel offers a variety of cabinet styles for the island base, outstanding built-in storage features, countertops, and fixtures. Plus, our complimentary design assistance makes Von Tobel your one-stop shop for the perfect kitchen island.


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Your Kitchen Island Questions Answered

We get so many questions about kitchen islands with seating, or the best design for a large kitchen island. We asked our designers to share the answers to the most popular kitchen island questions they get from homeowners.

Read below for great insight before you begin planning your kitchen island.

How big can I make my island?

Depending on the available space, a variety of sizes and configurations can be constructed. Sometimes, countertop material and slab size determine the maximum size if you don’t want any seams in the countertop.

What style of islands do you offer?

Style is determined by the color and the finish. It’s also depends on whether the cabinets are modern, traditional, or complex. We can create almost any look with various door styles, finishes and decorative elements such as legs, corbels and interior accessories.

How much does a kitchen island cost?

Several factors come into play regarding cost. Some examples include: quantity of cabinets, interior accessories, cabinetry finish and countertop square footage. We work with clients to find the best balance between wants, needs and budget.

How much space should I leave for a walkway?

We recommend at least a 42″ walkway.

How many people can sit at my island?

We recommend 24″ – 30 ” per seat.

How much room do I need for a seating overhang?

We suggest 10”-12” overhangs as a standard. We can do custom sizes as well, as long as there are appropriate supports.

What options are available for islands?

Since we put cabinet and trim pieces together, we can create any custom island option a customer would like.  We can really have fun with islands with all the options available.

Can I put a microwave in the island?

Yes! We have options for cabinets that hold a standard microwave on a shelf. Or, we can design one that has a matching trim kit for a more built in look.

Read why customers love working with us!

  • –Alison L.
    This place is the best. Von Tobel is top notch!
    –Alison L.
  • Andrew S.
    We are very happy with our new kitchen cabinets and countertops purchased through Von Tobel in Lafayette. Amy was patient with our frequent design changes and questions.
    Andrew S.
  • –Andy B.
    Different selection than the other nationwide chain home improvement stores. It’s nearby and worth a look from time to time.
    –Andy B.
  • - Ann G.
    Love this place. For the homeowner like me they are really patient and helpful.  John is my "go to" guy, but anyone at the desk will help. I had my gas vented fireplace purchased and installed last Fall and price and installation was GREAT. I appreciated help with questions on the grill I just bought and the many other supplies I needed.
    - Ann G.
  • Ann K.
    Our kitchen designer, Amy, was a dream to work with. She helped us stay within our budget and used our ideas to design a beautiful space that works far more efficiently than our former kitchen. We will definitely use Von Tobel for any of our future design and hardware supply needs.
    Ann K.
  • Bess F.
    I did a partial remodel of my bathroom: new floor, vanity, vanity top. Ted Hansen and Kimmy in Flooring were VERY knowledgeable about their departments! I will definitely return for all my future remodeling needs!
    Bess F.
  • Beth K.
    If you are looking for quality products for your home improvement projects, Von Tobel is the place to visit. The staff is very helpful, also!
    Beth K.
  • Beto R.
    Very polite, helpful staff. Shopping at Von Tobel is worth the money for quality products.
    Beto R.
  • –Bill B.
    The staff is knowledgeable and available, with options you can look at in person.
    –Bill B.
  • –Bob F.
    We are remodeling our master bath. Our orders came quickly and without issue. We worked with Sara Jones on both orders & couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Sara for your cabinetry needs!
    –Bob F.
  • -Bonnie C.
    The people at Von Tobel are so friendly and so helpful. It’s always wonderful to have someone willing to go the extra mile to help. I thank you very much.
    -Bonnie C.
  •  -Brandon M.
    There is no better place in Valparaiso to buy lumber for a deck remodel.  Von Tobel is competitively priced, has fantastic personalized service seldom seen in the "big box" stores, and associates who advise the customer as if the project were their own.
    -Brandon M.
  • –Brent W.
    Great to work with.
    –Brent W.
  • Brian K.
    Great, fast, and friendly service!
    Brian K.
  • Brittany M.
    This place is the best. From picking backsplash, to choosing flooring, Jenny provides feedback and help on the hard decisions and makes purchasing and installing a breeze.
    Brittany M.
  • Brittany M.
    In my opinion, Von Tobel is top notch. They are my go to design team/company for my personal home and the new builds I manage.
    Brittany M.
  • Charlotte S.
    Worked with the Kitchens department and they truly made the process of updating our kitchen countertops seamless and stress free. Highly recommend!
    Charlotte S.
  • Cheryl C.
    We recently ordered flooring from Jenny at Von Tobel. She was very helpful, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them for your future flooring purchases.
    Cheryl C.
  • -Chip S.
    We finished a complete kitchen renovation a few months ago with Von Tobel guiding us seamlessly through the entire project. We had a general idea of what we wanted, but there were so many details that we hadn't considered. They had so many great ideas and helped us reach our goal. Overall a wonderful experience. We would not hesitate to recommend Von Tobel for a kitchen remodel. Based on our experiences, Von Tobel has many capable people and offers a level of customer service that we seldom encounter anywhere else.
    -Chip S.
  • –Cyndy H.
    We recently purchased a new casement window and a Andersen French door for our home from Von Tobel. Their service is top notch!
    –Cyndy H.
  • –Cynthia P.
    Jenni and Lori in Valpo were AMAZING to work with as we planned our bathroom remodel! They were professional and efficient!
    –Cynthia P.
  • –Dan H.
    The service is always excellent! Got in, got what I wanted, and checked out in just a few minutes.
    –Dan H.
  • –Dan H.
    The service is always excellent! Got in, got what I wanted, and checked out in just a few minutes.
    –Dan H.
  • –Dave R.
    The store is very clean & organized, and the staff is just the right amount of helpful.
    –Dave R.
  • David M.
    Very helpful and professional for what we needed. Good hardware store with many items.
    David M.
  • –Dawn R.
    Everyone is super helpful. One of the few places you can walk in and get customer service nowadays. I very much enjoy working with Joe in the flooring department, as he always goes the extra mile to get you exactly what you're looking for.
    –Dawn R.
  • –Diana K.
    Von Tobel is an upscale DIY home store with an offering of quartz, marble, corian, and formica products as well as carpeting, plumbing, wood, paint supplies, etc. And they offer samples!
    –Diana K.
  • –Don M.
    Great service. The best two-by-fours in town (actually straight). Amazing service people who know where everything is, and aren't afraid to suggest places that may have something they don't have. Just the kind of place anyone doing DIY projects prays to find.
    –Don M.
  • Donna M.
    We recently used Von Tobel's to completely remodel our kitchen. Ted designed the most beautiful and functional kitchen I could have ever dreamed of, and Kim in Flooring was so helpful in finding the perfect flooring and backsplash. I highly recommend this team of professionals!
    Donna M.
  • Erin S.
    Jim B. was incredibly knowledgeable in helping me find a sink that would fit my unique needs. Thanks for the great service!
    Erin S.
  • –Evan J.
    Great customer service!
    –Evan J.
  • –G&T
    They have excellent, helpful associates with a great variety. Von Tobel is a great place to "Shop Local" in the Valparaiso community.
  • -Gary P.
    The plumbing department helped me troubleshoot a problem. Helping me out saved me from a big project I didn’t need to do. They have knowledgeable staff for every project when I go there.
    -Gary P.
  • George S.
    Their friendly staff quickly helped me find the product I needed.
    George S.
  • –George T.
    Friendly place to shop for quality advice, products and service.
    –George T.
  • –George T.
    Friendly staff quickly helped me find the product I needed
    –George T.
  • –James W.
    Adam at the information center was extremely helpful & friendly. He found everything we needed. Overall we had a great experience at Von Tobel.
    –James W.
  • -Jeffery S. 
    100%, without a doubt, best customer service I have ever received at a builder's supply. I literally walked in off the street and was personally introduced to everybody in the Valparaiso store and treated with the highest respect. I was then contacted with a follow up call the same day from the sales manager, who was on a business trip and took the time to contact me and verify our project. Highly recommend and am still completely blown away on how efficiently this store is run and the knowledge possessed. Thank you Von Tobel Valparaiso team!
    -Jeffery S. 
  • - Jillian H.

    I recently did a DIY project for my mom and found I didn't have all the necessary parts that I needed to complete the project. So, I went to the closest (Von Tobel) to get everything I needed.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted and asked if I needed help locating an item.  I told the guy what I needed and he helped me select all the correct pieces.  I was able to purchase everything I needed and complete the project in only a half hour thanks to their great staff assisting me.

    - Jillian H.
  • –Jim E.
    My wife and I decided to do a complete remodel of our kitchen and had an excellent experience with Ted Hansen. He took the time to walk us through our cabinet options and layout. After we decided on cabinets Ted proceeded to take us over to the flooring area where he and Heather Howard spent an hour or more helping us with matching flooring, backsplash and cabinet colors together. Very professional and personable group! Thanks again to Ted, Heather and Von Tobel for a smooth, easy and enjoyable experience, start to finish!
    –Jim E.
  • - JM
    I have been buying material here for years. It is my store of choice for larger projects. Their prices are better than the big box locations on most building materials and their people know their product. They have saved me a ton of time by delivering materials for larger projects. Great people to do business with.
    - JM
  • Joan B.
    Very nice & knowledgeable sales team.
    Joan B.
  • –John F.
    We purchased 540 Sq feet of flooring and could not be more pleased. We worked with Gabe Polley and he was friendly, funny and very helpful. The price was over $1.00 a sq foot cheaper than anywhere else we looked and we had the flooring delivered in less than a week. Would highly recommend them for your flooring needs.
    –John F.
  • Jolissa M.
    I have done many home improvements throughout my years as a homeowner and have worked with different companies and contractors. Jim Bolka at Von Tobels worked diligently to find me a good contractor to repair/replace my cracked bathtub. I did a lot of research online to try and find someone that could help me with my situation and kept hitting roadblocks. Jim worked with me and found a great team who did an impressive job at a fair price! Thanks Jim and VonTobels, I will definitely go back for any home improvements that I may need in the future!
    Jolissa M.
  • –Joseph L.
    Von Tobel offers good, quality products!
    –Joseph L.
  • Joyce D.
    A big thank you to Taylor, who delivered in New Carlisle on 3/6/2020, who informed the school that there was a vehicle with it's trunk open. She then asked if she could close it, which she did. With the weather as nasty as it was, she went above and beyond!! Thank you again, Taylor!
    Joyce D.
  • –Judy C
    This is a smaller hardware and lumber store compared to the big box stores, but don’t let that stop you from visiting!
    –Judy C
  • –Julie K.
    Von Tobel staff is friendly and always willing to help me find what I think I need.
    –Julie K.
  • Kari B.
    We had a wonderful experience at the Schererville location! Ted Hannsen designed us a brand new kitchen and laundry room. His design expertise, attention to detail, as well as outstanding customer service made the whole process so much more enjoyable!! Also a shout out to Heather Howard in flooring and tile. She really helped pull the look we wanted together!
    Kari B.
  • –Kevin C.
    Friendly and helpful service
    –Kevin C.
  • -Kurt W.
    I shop at Von Tobel on a regular basis. I've found their customer service to be excellent and the quality of the materials (especially lumber) to be better than the "self-help box stores." With free delivery, I've found the actual cost to be less than the other places (when I factor in self-selection, self-loading, self-unloading, and self-delivery). It's a lot cheaper and simpler to use Von Tobel.
    -Kurt W.
  • –Larry D.
    I'm giving them 5 stars because I hope the people who read this will be motivated to give them a try. I wasn't going to shop here simply because their name sounded expensive. We were near the store one day and decided to go in to see if they had any countertop material that we could make a note of for further shopping. Amanda was the person we talked to and she showed us around and asked and answered several questions. We didn't feel pressured, but definitely did change our mind about further shopping anywhere else. Long story-short - - we decided to contract with them to do our project.
    –Larry D.
  • –Larry D.
    I'm giving them 5 stars because I hope the people who read this will be motivated to give them a try. I wasn't going to shop here simply because their name sounded expensive. We were near the store one day and decided to go in to see if they had any counter top material that we could make a note of for further shopping. Amanda was the person we talked to and she showed us around and asked and answered several questions. We didn't feel pressured, but definitely did change our mind about further shopping anywhere else. Long story-short - - we decided to contract with them to do our project.
    –Larry D.
  • Lindsay B.
    Amazing customer service! Exceedingly helpful, even more so than the manufacturer of a plumbing fixture that was still under warranty!
    Lindsay B.
  • –LuAnne A.
    Great experience with every project, especially Amanda who is a design rock star!
    –LuAnne A.
  • Mary B.
    Great service and top notch products. Extremely helpful in the selection process of my project, a new shower surround. I will definitely be coming back later to complete my bathroom renovation as they have given me a head start on the selection of a new vanity, countertop and faucet. I also received great help from the paint department. They helped me pick out the perfect color for the bathroom that complimented my new shower surround. I am a very satisfied customer.
    Mary B.
  • -Matt N.
    I've been going here since I was a kid.  Great customer service.
    -Matt N.
  • -Michael C.
    Von Tobel did an excellent job of designing, procuring and supporting our kitchen remodel job. Cabinet design fit perfectly and they were delivered on time and in excellent condition. Two issues were resolved quickly. Kraftmaid also provided great telephone support.
    -Michael C.
  • –Michael G.
    The staff is great to work with!
    –Michael G.
  • Michael P.
    Love the attention Von Tobel Gave me. I will definitely be buying from them for all my future home improvement needs.
    Michael P.
  • Michael R.
    At the youthful age of 63, this is the first time I’m building a new home from scratch! It’s been a non-stop exhilarating pick-and-choose and/or edit months-long process. It’s coming to an end and I’m here to tell anyone who reads this that the Valparaiso, Indiana Von Tobel was excellent and deserves this 5-star rating. I got lucky! They helped me coordinate pretty much the entire interior look of the home! The staff are friendly, professional and not pushy. I appreciate my builder, who connected us. Choose smart and right from the start. Get connected with the Valpo Von Tobel.
    Michael R.
  • Pam W.
    For all your screen replacements, this is the place to go. Did what they said they would do in a very timely fashion. Thank you for such great customer service.
    Pam W.
  • –Paula E.
    We had a great experience ordering items for our new remodel. Brandon, Jim and Chris were very helpful and all worked together to give us great service. Von Tobel’s prices were the best we found.
    –Paula E.
  • –Ralph G.
    I worked with the Valpo Kitchen & Bath department. They helped me select a bath vanity and led me through the possible customization options for my special order. Extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.
    –Ralph G.
  • –Renea W.
    Absolutely amazing customer service and quality! Amy knew exactly what I needed in my new home for cabinets, and what I didn’t need to spend the extra money on. The end result is beautiful!
    –Renea W.
  • –Rich M.
    They carry items not available at the big box stores. Great prices too.
    –Rich M.
  • –Rich M.
    Working with the fireplace department and couldn't ask for better. On top of everything 100%. Contacted me a few times to see if everything is working out and working properly. Even stated they would come and help insert our gas fireplace. Thank you for all your help!
    –Rich M.
  • –Richard M.
    They always have what I need!
    –Richard M.
  • Richard S.
    The staff in the plumbing department were amazing! I came in with a broken part and right away the man helping me knew what it was, what it was for, and how it installed. The customer service was the best I’ve ever experienced.
    Richard S.
  • I have been to Von Tobel many times and while their prices may be a bit higher than the big box stores, you always get great service and better quality. I built two houses years ago using Von Tobel and both experiences were excellent. I highly recommend them.
  • –Robert C.
    Von Tobel offers top quality products & good service.
    –Robert C.
  • Sarah P.
    We had our main bathroom completely re-done with Von Tobel. Dave, Joey, and Gary did a top notch job!! Completely transformed the room. Their talent shows in their work, so happy with how it turned out. We worked with Lori our designer who was also great and had excellent suggestions we didn’t think of!! Looking forward to the kitchen remodel. Wouldn’t have anyone else but Von Tobel! Thank you
    Sarah P.
  • Shane I.
    I had never been to this store prior to today, and I was very pleasantly surprised! I am in the beginning stages of a major remodel and I can say Von Tobel will be a large part of it now.
    Shane I.
  • Shane T.
    I can always find what I need at Von Tobel. They have kind & friendly staff.
    Shane T.
  • Shannon W.
    We recently did a complete renovation of our kitchen, including new cabinets, flooring and countertops and went through Von Tobel for essentially everything. We absolutely love the look of the new kitchen and are so happy with the way everything turned out.
    Shannon W.
  • –Steve S.
    Von Tobel is a great local business to deal with.
    –Steve S.
  • –Susan B.
    Excellent service, fantastic response! I contacted Von Tobel after exhausting all the names that were given to me by a contractor who did the electrical work on my house. I needed a part for an electrical transformer for under-cabinet lights and lights in a display cabinet. I was told by an electrical supplier in Crown Point that they would get back to me by Tuesday. They never called me back! I called Von Tobel and they told me they would call me back with an answer. They made multiple calls to keep me updated as to when the part would be delivered to the store. Because of the excellent service I received at Von Tobel, I am a committed customer!
    –Susan B.
  • Tawniee W.
    I haven't been here in over 25 years. My father took me here almost every weekend when I was a kid. I remember running around and looking at all the neat stuff. Now just moving back to the region after 20 years, I decided to renovate my new home with everything from Von Tobel. Being here today was bittersweet, with thoughts of my father as I ran through the aisles picking out cool stuff for my house. Hometown favorite!
    Tawniee W.
  • Teri D.
    Savanah is a joy to work with. She has been very patient with me in designing a kitchen.
    Teri D.
  • TJ F.
    My favorite building supply/hardware store. I started coming here about 3 months ago and I won't go anywhere else. The customer service is top of the line and the quality of the products are the best. I've been working with Robert specifically and he's great. He visited my job site and gave good advice. I send all of my friends and family to Von Tobel..
    TJ F.
  • –Trish E.
    Folks, they are NOT more expensive than the box stores but they do know what they’re doing. Their install of our countertops was first rate. Now we are getting our outside doors and are certain we will get the same good work.
    –Trish E.
  • –Victoria D.
    The store is very clean and well-organized. The staff is friendly and helpful.
    –Victoria D.
  • –W.
    We worked with Von Tobel for our kitchen and flooring. We couldn't be happier! Our home looks amazing with the products they helped us select that fit in our budget.
  • –Wanda M.
    I can not say enough about the professionalism and guidance of Topher, Shawn and Joe at the Lafayette store. We built a house with absolutely no clue what we were getting into and they made the process a breeze, standing behind every purchase we made. Hands down a 10+ experience!
    –Wanda M.
  • WH
    Jenny made shopping for carpet a very pleasant experience. We really enjoyed working with her. Also, Mark did an awesome job installing the carpet. He's a hard worker and takes pride in his work. Overall, we were very happy with Von Tobel and will use them again for future projects. 🙂
  • William S., Schererville
    I could not find a SS Weber grill with an enclosed tank area at any of the box stores, yet it was available here. I bought it and am very happy.
    William S., Schererville
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