Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces
in Michigan City, IN

direct vent gas fireplaces at von tobel

Fireplaces That Offer Affordable Elegance & High Efficiency

Our direct vent gas fireplace options will be a beautiful centerpiece in your living space and a reliable heat source.  

Von Tobel in Michigan City is pleased to offer Kozy Heat direct vent gas fireplaces. These gas fireplaces combine affordable elegance with modern functionality.

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We invite you to visit our Michigan City fireplace showroom. You will be able to see a live burn of select units and get expert advice.

Alpha 36S Kozy Heat fireplace available at Von Tobel

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Our Kozy Heat Selection

A new fireplace can elevate the coziness and charm of any room in your home.

We have several Kozy Heat direct vent gas fireplaces in stock, listed below.

Special orders are readily available. Ask a store associate for more information.

SP34 Kozy Heat fireplace available at Von Tobel

SP 34 Millivolt

Standard Screen Front, Log Set SP34MV (S-8376)

Blower Optional

Bayport 36 Kozy Heat fireplace at Von Tobel

Bayport 36 Millivolt

Prairie Screen Front, Log Set with Traditional Refractory BAY36MV (S-8381)

Blower Optional

Alpha 36S Kozy Heat fireplace at Von Tobel

Alpha 36S Clean Face

Arched Mission Screen Front, Herringbone Refractory, Traditional Log Set, Blower Included. ALP-36S (S-8400)

Bellingham44 Kozy Heat fireplace available at Von Tobel

Bellingham 44

Chicago Brick with Traditional Log Set, Full Function IPI Remote, Blower Included. BHM-44 (S-8432)

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Kozy Heat, based in Minnesota, has a longstanding tradition in the hearth industry. Originating as a family-owned business in 1976, their commitment to quality and innovation has remained steadfast over the years.

Proudly producing American-made products, they stand as a testament to superior craftsmanship and domestic manufacturing.

With a focus on safety, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, Kozy Heat stands as a trusted name for homeowners looking for both warmth and style.

Quote from Kozy Heat

Benefits of Direct Vent Fireplaces

Efficient Heating for Cold Midwest Winters   

During the frigid winters of the Midwest, homeowners need reliable heating sources. Direct vent gas fireplaces provide consistent and efficient warmth, often with higher energy efficiency ratings than traditional wood-burning units. Enjoy a cozy ambiance while also benefiting from cost-effective heating during the coldest months.

Improved Indoor Air Quality   

Direct vent gas fireplaces eliminate the concerns of indoor pollutants commonly associated with wood-burning or vent-free units. In winter, when homes are tightly closed, it is important to have clean and safe indoor air. Direct vent units do this by bringing in clean air from outside and removing the harmful gasses.

Minimal Maintenance & Convenience   

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, which require regular cleaning of ash and creosote buildup, direct vent gas fireplaces need far less maintenance. There’s no wood to chop, stack, or store, and homeowners can easily ignite their fireplace with the push of a button.

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Bayport 36 fireplace from Kozy Heat available at Von Tobel

Visit Our Fireplace Showroom

You likely have several questions about fireplaces and which type is best for your home. The best place to begin is by visiting our Michigan City fireplace showroom.

building better. together

You will be able to see multiple units with live burns and get details from our helpful team members. Walk-ins are welcome, or schedule a no-obligation fireplace consultation.

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